One of the most time consuming portions of a lifecycle calendar is often dedicated to the development and fitting process.  More and more companies are looking to reduce this time to gain speed to market.  But sacrificing a proper fit may cost more in the end with returns and dissatisfied customers.

With my many years of experience across multiple product categories, I am able to quickly identify root issues of fit problems and solve to improve fit in two fittings or less.  My communication with overseas vendors is clear and concise, identifying the issues and providing proper solutions with multiple visual aids.

Understanding the history and capabilities of each vendor is important knowledge when crafting fit evaluation comments.  I work with your technical design team to problem solve and provide creative solutions that meet your business needs an capabilities of your vendors.

  • Check garment for proper balance and suggest pattern correction as needed.
  • Fine-tune pattern shaping to fit the desired aesthetic.
  • Insure the comfort and movement of garment will meet the customers expectations.
  • Check construction for integrity and ease of production.
  • Insure the design proportions meet the design intent as per the merchandising plan.