Proper grading is vital to insure an accurate fit and aesthetic representation across all sizes offered.  Does the design created in a sample size 6 look the same on a 2 and an 18?  Many hours are spent perfecting the fit in sample size, do not lose that effort with grading that may be out of date.  New technologies in body scanning have proven that the old system of flat grading does not work on a 3-dimensional shape.  Working with you to understand your customer demographic, I can create grades designed to fit across all your sizes while maintaining the design integrity.

  • Complete creation or evaluation of grade tables for your customer demographics.
  • Full calculations for all your Points of Measure (POMs).
  • Train Technical Designers and Patternmakers on breakdown of grading in relationship to the body growth for better spec writing.
  • Training guides for factories for consistent fit across all sizes and styles.
  • Create illustrations and grade tables for long-term reference.