Having worked in a production factory, I understand first-hand the correlation of poor pattern making to factory fall out and costly delays.  When garment intersections are not checked for proper alignment and angles, this often leads to holes in missed sewing or a stitcher taking off too much seam to compensate.  Understanding the order of operations in garment construction can reduce costly hand work and improve production time.

Having trued and balanced block patterns is the foundation to building a product line that goes through the development process quickly.  This eliminates many of the fit issues up front and gives vendors across all regions the opportunity to produce like-fitting garments.

  • If you are just starting out, or starting over, I can create block patterns to fit your customer base and product line.
  • Train factories on what your proper fit looks like.
  • Train Technical Designers and factories to manipulate patterns to get the desired look or fit correction.
  • Reduce fallout- improve sewability with a technically correct pattern- trued for production ease.
  • Consideration to pattern shape in terms of marker making to improve yield.